Kristin MacPherson
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Kristin is a visual artist who specializes in acrylic paint, drawing, encaustic wax and photography. As well as her own art practice, she facilitates skills based creativity lessons infused with mindfulness.

Kristin has taught art and photography classes for local art schools, clubs, guilds and individuals for over 15 years. She has an approachable, energetic teaching style that makes learning easy and fun. She loves to share her passion for photography and art with people of all skill levels.

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"Kristin’s enthusiasm for all things art is so infectious that I want to try it all too.”

— Linda, ART Enthusiast 


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  • I love to combine my photography with both acrylics and encaustics … but not all together because that is bad :)

  • My favourite places have beautiful beaches

  • I enjoy friends I can laugh with and who I can read with

  • I change my hair colour...all the you might not recognize me :)

  • Summer is my favourite season  ... mostly because my fair weather car is a 1953 Buick

  • Painting in my studio with my little dachshunds by my feet is my idea of time well spent