Hello there...

I am a visual artist who specializes in contemporary portraiture that captures emotive individual stories. I have a passion for creation. I want to create personal artworks that surprise and delight. Not only should my clients have handmade original photographs and artworks in their homes, they should also own artworks as individual as they are.

In addition I am a photographer with over 25 years experience in commercial and portrait photography. Photography is an essential skill in my life that I love to share with others. I have worked extensively with high end commercial clients like FCC, Tourism Saskatchewan, WCB, and many more in my past photography assistant job. My personal client list includes; Farm Credit Canada, Creative Kids, Global Minds, Stoneground paint Co., Edge Modelling Agency, Framemasters Gallery and more.


The interview...


A few things about me…

I fell into photography before returning to my first love … painting 

I love to combine my photography with acrylics and my photography with encaustics 

My favourite places have beautiful beaches

My family means the world to me

I enjoy friends I can laugh with and who I can read with

I change my hair colour...all the time...so you might not recognize me:)

Summer is my favourite season  ... mostly because my fair weather car is a 1953 Buick

Painting in my studio with my little dachshunds by my feet is my idea of time well spent


A few things about my 25 + years of photography experience…

I have two years towards a BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts, which I took at Medicine Hat College, Alberta.

In 1997,  I graduated with a diploma from the Applied Photography Program at SIAST, now Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Regina, Saskatchewan. I learned analog camera, film and darkroom techniques, as well as, Adobe Photoshop. It is soon user friendly now! I still use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

As well as my own photography practice, I have been assisting Saskatchewan photographers for over 25 years. I have traveled Canada while working as Commercial Photography Assistant for my top two favourite commercial photographers. Following graduation I work for Paul Austring where I assisted along side his other assistant Greg Huszar. I then worked with Greg Huszar Photography (now Greg Huszar Visuals) for over 15 years.

A few shots of one year of my glamorous photo job ;)

Fun Quote:
Paul Austring, told me the following advice... 
"The best way to learn photography is to be a photography assistant for at least 10 years, for as many photographers that you can. Learn what you like and what you don't. Use that information to develop your own style."