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A few things about my 25 + years of experience in visual arts

  • I was surrounded by artists in my family while I was growing up in small town Saskatchewan.

  • I spent two years working towards a BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts at Medicine Hat College, Alberta.

  • In 1997, I graduated with a diploma from the Applied Photography Program at SIAST, now Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Regina, Saskatchewan. I studied analog camera, film and darkroom techniques, as well as, digital photography including Adobe Photoshop.

  • I teach art and photography lessons to the public through Red Fox Creative Studio. Art and photography are essential skills in my life that I love to share with others. I love teaching and connecting with my students. I want to teach creativity as a form of self expression but also as a mindfulness tool.

  • My mediums of choice; Encaustic wax, Photography & Acrylic paints and mediums. I do a fair amount of collage to include my photography in my work.

  • I primarily focus on people and pet portraits.

  • I am a photographer with over 25 years experience in commercial and portrait photography. As well as my own photography practice, I have assisted Saskatchewan photographers for over 25 years. I have traveled Canada while working as Commercial Photography Assistant.

  • I have worked extensively with high end commercial clients like FCC, Tourism Saskatchewan, Workers Compensation Board, Conexus and many more in my photography assistant job.

  • My personal client list includes; Farm Credit Canada, Creative Kids, Global Minds, Stoneground paint Co., Edge Modelling Agency, Framemasters Gallery and more.

A glimpse of a single year in my Commercial Photography Assistant job.

A glimpse of a single year in my Commercial Photography Assistant job.

1953 Buick “Lenore”

1953 Buick “Lenore”