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Can I commission Kristin to do a painting?


Can Kristin work from a photograph?

Yes. You can supply a reference photograph for Kristin. Kristin will let you know if the reference photo provided by you is sufficient quality to paint from. ( Not too much shadow in the eye area for example)

I don’t have a good photo to Kristin to work from… what now?

Kristin is also a photographer and would be happy to provide photography for you at a 15% discount on the regular rate. ( See standard photo rates in Shop)

How does the payment process work for commissioned paintings?

An invoice will be sent to you for the full amount by email.
You will be required to provide at least 50% deposit before work will begin on your commissioned painting. The 50% is a non-refundable deposit to cover costs and time.

What if I do not like the painting?

This has not ever happened, however, you will not be required to take the completed painting, if you are not happy with the result.
The 50% non refundable deposit is retained by Kristin.
Kristin MacPherson Studio retains the rights and reserves the right to sell the completed painting, if you decline it.

How much does the commission cost?

The rate for commissioning a Painting is calculated by square inch. Examples of pricing below.

12x12 inches, up to and including 16x20 inches is $1.50 per square inch ( Please note that Kristin prefers not to do portraits smaller than 12x12.)

16 inches x 20 inches = 320 x $1.50 = $480

over 16x20 inches $1.25 per square inch

24 inches x 36 inches = 864 x $1.25 = $1080

over 24x36 inches = email and Kristin can give you a custom quote :)

I want a portrait of my two children. Is the price the same?

Portrait pricing includes one individual in the painting. If you need to add another person into the portrait, there will be an additional $50 charge per person.

What are my surface options?

Kristin preferes to work on watercolour paper. It is her favourite surface. If you prefer cradled wood panel or canvas, contact Kristin :)

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. Kristin can arrange a payment plan for a commission. You can pay small payments on invoice monthly. Work will not begin until you reach 50% of the total (for the non refundable deposit). Painting will be handed over to you when the total amount with tax is paid.

Other questions? Contact Kristin :)