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Group, Private or Semi-Private Creativity Lessons

Art Gallery Of Regina- Acrylic Ink Workshop November 2016

Art Gallery Of Regina- Acrylic Ink Workshop November 2016

Studio Photography

Studio Photography

Private Class Time

Private Class Time

Art Lessons

I can help you with the following;

Acrylic Inks
Fibre, Paper and Thread
Painting Loose (the art of letting go)
Experimental Art Practices
Mark Making

Photography Lessons

I can help you with the following;
DSLR Camera Skills
Analog Film Camera Skills
Traditional Printing
Polaroid Camera Techniques
Natural Lighting
Studio Lighting
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom
Digital Asset Management



Private Lessons
Semi Private Lessons

Are you interested in  photography or art sessions on your own in a comfortable setting?

Learn what you want to know. 

Learn at your own pace.                              

PRIVATE LESSON $50 per hour

BRING A FRIEND $80 per hour


“Kristin MacPherson is a very creative artist who teaches just as well. Kristin provided me with some basic techniques that gave me confidence with my own painting projects outside of class. Kristin’s kind words of guidance often pop into my head when I am painting. Thanks Kristin for all you have taught me. I look forward to another class soon!”
- Sharlene, ART Enthusiast 

“Kristin’s enthusiasm for all things art is so infectious that I want to try it all too.”
- Linda, ART Enthusiast 

“I love Kristin’s classes! I always learn something new! She is always organized and helpful! Her enthusiasm for art is contagious! I have never left a class feeling disappointed or frustrated. I will sign up for any class Kristin gives!”
- Lin, ART Enthusiast