Artist | Photographer
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Artist Statement

My art works in this encaustic series, Reconstruction, utilize stitching to represent the potential surgical alteration of our faces and bodies. My art works examine the face in relation to body image, personal identity and self-esteem. The layering and hidden areas imply the depth that lies behind our external persona. I am proposing that we ignore societal and media based pressures that expose us to an ideal body image. In many people these influences cause insecurities, a belief that they are deficient in some way, leaving them with a desire to achieve an unattainable perfection. This unattainable image of a perfect self may influence a perceived need to alter ourselves. We can easily modify our bodies. Should we? Facial modifications can turn people into clones of one another causing a sterile stripping away of personality and experience leaving one person looking very similar to another. I suggest non-conformist attitudes and hooray for individuality.

I have three daughters whom I hope to raise with a sense of self confidence. I want all of us, my daughters included, to find our comforts in the company of family and good friends. Live each day in wonder with open hearts and open eyes as confident people comfortable in our own skin. I want to reconstruct the modern concept of beauty. 

Washi papers, Thread, Ink, Conte, Sewing tissue, Embroidery hoop


AGR Out of the Box | Art Gallery of Regina, Regina, SK