Exhibition March 1 - April 15, 2017

Hague Gallery | Creative City Centre, Regina, SK
Call 306-546-5565 to book a viewing.

Artist Statement

My artistic practice is informed by the exploration of the human experience. Life and death relating to our combined history. Generations of human story containing infinite personal storytelling. 

Intrigued by aspects of personality and a need to explore the nature of humanity, my exhibition Cutaneous Delineation tells the human story of internal private lives expressed on the skin in a public manner. What is normally obscured or hidden now open on public display. It is not only an outward projection of art and beauty but a inner voice projected outwards telling a story of the life of the subject. Tattoos are a deeply personal expression of art and human storytelling.


Large digital negatives created from studio photographs were subsequently printed using an analog photographic process called cyanotype. Natural fibre papers/fabrics, carefully selected for flexibility in accepting sewing and writing, were sewn in layers onto the fabric. Similar to the act of piercing skin to create the tattoo, the sewing embodies the concept, skin as canvas. Collage to represent the depth of personal experience. WAX to add translucence to demonstrate impermanence of life.

Cyanotype, Cotton fabric and thread, Natural papers, Cheesecloth, Cotton lace and trim, Glass bead