"I left both classes I attended with skills that I thought were beyond my abilities. Can't wait to come back."
- ART Enthusiast 

“I recently completed Easy Photo for Artists. I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed the class and how much I learned from it. First: I was delighted to find a class to help me in taking really good photos of my own artwork. The knowledgeable instructor gave LOTS of practical, and economical pointers on a personalized set up for use at home. Second: There was lots of hands on time and individualized instruction. Every one of my questions was answered thoroughly. Third: Kristin knows her stuff! As a photographer and artist she is pretty darn knowledgeable about editing software and social media as a way to promote your artwork! 5 stars, two thumbs up, big smiles!"
- Bev

“My friend Leah and I took an all-day workshop on using liquitex paint - acrylic ink. I have no experience with this and our instructor Kristin was patient and knowledgeable. I’ll definitely go back for another class!"
- ART Enthusiast 

“I attended a fun workshop by Kristin MacPherson where we worked with acrylic ink. I really appreciated Kristin’s approach in terms of demonstrating how acrylic inks can be used and then having us work with the media. Kristin was very supportive as I worked through the process of learning about the use of a new media.”
- Gord, ART Enthusiast 

“Kristin MacPherson is a very creative artist who teaches just as well! Kristin provided me with some basic techniques that gave me confidence with my own painting projects outside of class. Kristin’s kind words of guidance often pop into my head when I am painting. Thanks Kristin for all you have taught me. I look forward to another class soon!”
- Sharlene, ART Enthusiast 

“Kristin’s enthusiasm for all things art is so infectious that I want to try it all too.”
- Linda, ART Enthusiast 

“I love Kristin’s classes! I always learn something new! She is always organized and helpful! Her enthusiasm for art is contagious! I have never left a class feeling disappointed or frustrated. I will sign up for any class Kristin gives!”
- Lin, ART Enthusiast 

I have attended several of Kristin's classes. Kristin is a careful planner. She is very organized and all the necessary materials are laid out and ready for the beginning of each class so no time is wasted. She thoughtfully plans her lessons for each course and she leads her students through the skills and understanding that she wants to give them as tools in their repertoire. She gives clear and simple demonstrations and is very present during the class to guide her students. Her lessons are still with me - every highlight and delicate shadow in an eye; the planes in a face; the extraordinary use of colour and how to add magic to a painting. She continues to evolve as an artist and her journey is thrilling to observe. Kristin is a gifted photographer and has captured the creations of my designer daughter on the runways of Sask Fashion Week. We are so grateful for her gifted 'eye' and skill. There is much more to come from this talented young artist. I'm looking forward to watching her talents continue to grow and embrace new media and techniques. Her curiosity remains unbridled and the future will be sensational!
- Barbara, ART Enthusiast